Project Proposal Forms

Coweeta LTER Project Proposal forms are the first step for researchers interested in conducting research through the Coweeta LTER. The Lead PI, Site Manager, Information Manager, and USFS Project Leader evaluate proposals and determine the feasibility of proposed research.

Access to the project proposal forms require a password issued by the Site Manager. For more information, or to get started, please contact:

Jason Love, Coweeta LTER Site Manager
Telephone: 828.524.2128 x113

Once you have contacted the site manager and received your password, log in using the link below:

Submit New Project Proposal Form

Or, if you have already submitted a form and have been asked to make changes, you may log in with this link:
Edit an Existing Project Proposal Form

Before beginning a Project Proposal Form, please review the relevant terms and policies regarding research participation at the Coweeeta LTER. These materials are available using the links below.

Coweeta LTER Data Policy - Terms of use of Coweeta LTER research data.
Coweeta LTER Publication Criteria - Terms for publishing based upon research at Coweeta.

University of Georgia Office of Animal Care & Use - Polices for conducting research with animal subjects at the University of Georgia.
University of Georgia Human Subjects Office - Polices for conducting research with human subjects University of Georgia.

*Note: The Coweeta LTER has a Memorandum of Understanding that ties together all research on vertebrate animal subjects under master protocol AUP #A2009 4-074. However, this AUP does not serve as a blanket permit for all vertebrate animal research within the project. Instead, each individual Co-PI is responsible for the submission of their specific projects. In addtion, Co-PIs must reference the approved master protocol in the objectives section (3.1) of their AUPs.