Coweeta LTER Publication Catalog

Dating from 1928, over 1,400 complete publications are online in the Coweeta LTER  Publications Catalog. Serving as the central repository for the hundreds of publications originating out of Coweeta over the past eighty years, the Coweeta LTER Publications Catalog offers a historical record of ecological research at Coweeta. These include over 200 theses and dissertations, dating back to 1937, when  E.F. Brater, a graduate student based at the University of Michigan, became the first graduate student to complete an advanced degree based upon work at Coweeta. Abstracts and, where available, complete copies of these dissertations and abstracts are also archived in the Catalog.

Archives & Technical Publications 

Copies of our annual reports, proposals, and meeting proceedings are available in the Archive section of our publication catalog. In addition, the Coweeta LTER maintains a wide variety of technical manuals and procedural guides. However, rather than including static documents in the catalog, these manuals, many of which are living documents, are all maintained, by category, in our searchable Coweeta Knowledgebase.