Only Principal Investigators and designated supervisors* have authority to request purchases or reimbursement without prior authorization. Purchases can be handled via private purchase and reimbursement, PCard, or Purchase Order.

The best course of action for completing a purchase varies according to purchase price and the item being purchased.

  • In most cases, items costing less then $100 should be purchased using private funds then submitted for reimbursement. These cases require completion of a Cash Reimbursement Form and submission of the original receipt.
  • Items costing more than $100 should generally be purchased via Purchase Order using a a Purchase Request Form . Purchase Request forms should be sent to Christie Miller and accompanied by a electronic copy of a cost estimate, a quote, or a web link to the requested item.
  • Some items, especially those related to ongoing fieldwork, may be purchased by the Site Manager using a PCard.
  • Computers orders must be accompanied by a Purchase Request Form and a one paragraph justification for the computer purchase. In addition, all computer purchase requests are subject to review by the Coweeta LTER Information Manager.
  • If your purchase is an emergency, telephone (706.542.4747) or email Christie Miller You may also attempt to reach the Site Manager for assistance or a PCard purchase.

*Designated supervisors are those whose names have been given to the business office and have permission from a PI to charge to a budget.