For Researchers

This page is intended as a one stop source for some of the most frequently used infrastructure on this web site. The links below provide quick access to key resources affiliated with Coweeta.

All Coweeta LTER affiliated researchers and graduate students must link their research to the goals and questions outlined in the current Coweeta LTER Proposal. We provide a guide for Documenting your Research and a data submission form.

Our Policy   pages explain the Coweeta Data Policy, policies concerning shared authorship and sharing of publications, rules for research involving human and animal subjects, and guides for using facilities and equipment.

The Business Office pages explains how the Warnell School of Forestry at UGA handles financial matters related to Coweeta, including purchasing, travel, hiring and assistantships, and leave requests.

The Information Management (IM) Office is responsible for curating all data and publications developed by Coweeta LTER investigators. This section features an IM Guide that walks investigators through the process of data management from before their research begins until after it is completed. 

The Publication Catalog dates from 1928 and stores over 1200 complete publications, thus offering a historical record of ecological research at Coweeta.

The Data Catalog includes all complete Coweeta LTER data holdings in searchable catalogs: research data, GIS, demographic, and special collections.

The Chemistry Lab is a first class analytical facility stationed at the Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory. Follow this link to learn more about the lab and its equipment, and about submitting samples for analysis.