Science Advisory Committee



Governance of the Coweeta LTER is vested in the Science Advisory Committee (SAC). Members are selected to represent the disciplinary and institutional breadth of the program due to their proven scientific expertise and their ability to make decisions in the best interests of the project. The SAC focuses on strategic planning and project direction while providing oversight on research program design, implementation and resource allocation. The SAC also makes project administration and staffing decisions.

The table below lists SAC members and their contact information.

Member Email Telephone Organization Role
Larry Band 919-962-3921 University of North Carolina Project Investigator
Paul Bolstad 612-624-9711 University of Minnesota Project Investigator
Jim Clark 919-613-8036 Duke University Project Investigator
Chelcy Ford Miniat 828-524-2128 x114 USDA Forest Service USDA FS Project Leader
Ted Gragson 706-542-5691 University of Georgia Principal Investigator
Brian Herndon* 706-542-5691 University of Georgia Information Manager
Nik Heynen 706-542-2856 University of Georgia Project Investigator
Rhett Jackson 706-542-1772 University of Georgia Project Investigator
Jason Love* 828-542-2128 x113 University of Georgia Site Manager
John C. Maerz 706-542-9909 University of Georgia Project Investigator
Catherine Pringle 706-542-4289 University of Georgia Project Investigator
Nina Wurzburger 706-542-5109 University of Georgia Project Investigator

*Indicates Ex Officio Membership