Sustainable Human Ecosystems Laboratory Teleconferencing Room (SHELTR)

The Sustainable Human Ecosystems Laboratory Teleconferencing Room (SHELTR) is a state-of-the-art meeting and small classroom space. SHELTR was funded by a supplemental grant from the NSF and is intended to increase collaboration among researchers at different locations. SHELTR is located in Room 151, Baldwin Hall, at the University of Georgia Department of Anthropology's Sustainable Human Ecosystems Laboratory (SHEL). This is also the site of the CWT-LTER Information Management Office.

SHELTR provides seating for eight, a Power Mac Desktop computer with bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and two 40" LCD monitors. The machine runs any OS X application, and, thanks to a VMWare Fusion installation, supports many Microsoft Windows programs. Facilities also include a high quality, echo-canceling dedicated speakerphone and a webcam. Voice Over IP (VOIP) capabilities are available through a noise canceling portable USB microphone and wall mounted speakers.

At present teleconferencing services are provided through a Coweeta LTER subscription to GoToMeeting. This program provides screen-sharing, VOIP, and conference call bridging for participants from up to 16 separate locations. SHELTR users may participate in bridged teleconferences hosted elsewhere via X-meeting and point-to-point meetings are possible via Skype and iChat. SHELTR's webcam provides a clear, continuous picture of SHELTR participants. When used together with the conference phone, the webcam provides a simple, easy one-way video-conferencing solution.

People who wish to use SHELTR may reserve it by contacting the Coweeta Information Manager.The GoToMeeting service can be used independently of SHELTR to connect up to 16 Coweeta PIs, students, and staff with access to an internet-capable computer. To reserve GoToMeeting, please contact either the Coweeta Site Manager or the Information Manager. Instructions for using GoToMeeting are available here.

In order to make a reservation for SHELTR or GotoMeeting, prospective users must provide the following in their requests:

  • Meeting Title
  • Two possible times and dates for when the meeting could be held
  • An indication as to whether the meeting will require a reservation for SHELTR, GotoMeeting, or both.
  • The names and email addresses for all prospective attendees.

Reservation requests must be made at least 72 hours prior to the first potential meeting time provided.