USDA Forest Service Seminars

Fire Ecology in the Southern Appalachians:
“A State–of–the–Knowledge Workshop"

This two day workshop had participation from six National Forest, other federal and state agencies, NGO’s and federations from seven states. Seventeen speakers from the USFS Research Stations in ABC, NCSU, UT, Texas A&M, UGA and EPA.

Developed for Southern Appalachian Ecosystem Researchers, Fire Managers and Planners.
Agenda Topics Addressed:
    · Historic Fire Uses
    · Fire Effects on Vegetation, Soil, Water, Air, and Wildlife
    · Future Research Needs

Coweeta Brown Bag Series
Brown Bag Seminars are intended to increase awareness and knowledge of current subjects affecting the Southern Appalachians. They provide an opportunity for researchers and resource managers to come together for a presentation made while they eat their lunch. Sessions start promptly at 12:00pm and are over by 1:00 pm. No reservations are required. Seminars are open to all and held in the Coweeta Conference room monthly. The scheduled dates for presentations vary based on speaker availability.

Brown Bag Seminar Topics have Included:
Ruffed Grouse Population Dynamics in the Southern Appalachians
Modeling Water Yield Response to Deforestation / Reforestation at Watershed and Regional Scales
Studies on Soil and Soil Invertebrates: From Shovels to Stable Isotopes

Road Sedimentation in the Appalachians Workshop:

“A Workshop Land Use Managers”
Designed to help land-use managers and government officials to understand, design, implement and monitor road sediment issues and concerns in the Appalachians.

Agenda Items Included:
Best Management Practices Effectiveness
Field Applications