All Coweeta Personnel

Many researchers, graduate students, undergrads and volunteers have worked on projects associated with Coweeta LTER during its 50 year span. The list below contains 553 researchers and volunteers from 75 institutions who have worked with the Coweeta LTER.

Appalachian State University
Brian Burke Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VI, Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Auburn University
Ashley K. Hamilton Masters Student CWT-IV
Bennington College
Michael Hitzelberger Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Alexandra Nordyke Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Madeline Peterson Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Boston University
Robert C. Adler Masters Student CWT-II
Bureau of Land Management
Rebecca Moore Principal Investigator CWT-VI
Cardiff University
T.C. Hales Affiliated Investigator CWT-VII
Clark-Atlanta University
Eunice T. Dlamini Masters Student CWT-II
Clemson University
James R. Davis Doctoral Student CWT-III
John J. Hains Masters Student CWT-I
Craig Harper Doctoral Student CWT-IV, Technician CWT-V
Craig W. Hedman Doctoral Student CWT-III
Mickey B. Henson Masters Student CWT-III
Robert T. Katz Masters Student CWT-IV
Charlene Neihardt Masters Student CWT-IV
Daniel R. Pettigrew Masters Student CWT-I
Derik J. Reed Masters Student CWT-II
Mark S. Richmond Masters Student CWT-I
Lawrence A. Schissel Masters Student CWT-I
David B. Vandermast Masters Student CWT-IV
Cornell University
Jeremy Pustilnik REU Student CWT-VII
Dalhousie University
Sina Adl Interested Party CWT-V
Depaul University
Liam Heneghan Interested Party CWT-V
Duke University
Brian Beckage Doctoral Student CWT-IV, Interested Party CWT-V
Dave Bell Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Emily Bernhardt Principal Investigator CWT-VI
Dale M. Cargo Masters Student CWT-III
Jim Clark Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Michael C. Dietze Doctoral Student CWT-V
Sarah Gallegos Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Michelle Hersh Doctoral Student CWT-V
Janneke Hille Ris Lambers Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Ines Ibanez Doctoral Student CWT-V
Aubree Keurajian Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Matt Kwit Doctoral Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
Shannon LaDeau Doctoral Student CWT-V
Eric A. Macklin Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Emily Moran Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Fred L. Mowry Doctoral Student CWT-I
Matthew S. Olson Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Jordan Siminitz Technician CWT-VII
Anne Stine Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Brad Tomasek Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Peter H. Wyckoff Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Kai Zhu Doctoral Student CWT-VI
East Carolina University
Brent E. Hendrixson Doctoral Student CWT-V
Eastern Illinois University
Erin D. Casey Masters Student CWT-IV
Emory University
Converse Griffith Masters Student CWT-III
Wade Natter Co-Principal Investigator CWT-II
Christopher S. Potter Doctoral Student CWT-II
Harvey L. Ragsdale Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I CWT-II
Conrad E. Wickstrom Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Florida State University
Sadie Roth REU Student CWT-VII
Georgia Institute of Technology
Lu Sun Doctoral Student CWT-III
Hayesville Middle School
Amanda Gaddis Volunteer CWT-VII
Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition
Callie Moore Other Professional CWT-VII
Indiana University
Michael Benson Technician CWT-VII
Sander Denham Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Marika Lapham Masters Student CWT-VII
Justine Missik Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Kim Novick Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI, Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Glenia Pena Masters Student CWT-VII
Yingchu Wei Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Yuqian Zhang Masters Student CWT-VII
Indiana University-Bloomington
Tae Hee Hwang Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VI, Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Iowa State University
Gregory Courtney Interested Party CWT-V
Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center
Steven Brantley Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VI, Affiliated Investigator CWT-VII
Land Trust for the Little Tennessee
Bill McLarney Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
Lyndon B. Johnson Job Corps
Breanna LaVaughn Other Staff CWT-VII
Gabriela Perez Diaz Other Staff CWT-VII
Macon Early College
Daniel Reategui REU Student CWT-VI, Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Macon Middle School
Mark Guy Other Professional CWT-V
Michele Hubbs Other Professional CWT-V
Zachary Moss Other Professional CWT-V
Mainspring Conservation Trust
Jason Meador Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI, Other Professional CWT-VII
Mars Hill University
Benjamin Bunch Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Mary Gooden Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Grace Lancaster Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Scott M. Pearson Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Savannah Spratt Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Michigan State University
Allan B. Taylor Masters Student CWT-II
NCDENR - Division of Water Resources
Ted Campbell Affiliated Investigator CWT-V
North Carolina Natural Heritage Program
Andrea Leslie Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
North Carolina State University
Eric A. Davidson Doctoral Student CWT-II
Ryan Emanuel Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Jianbiao Lu Doctoral Student CWT-V
Joshua Rice Masters Student CWT-VI
Brian J. Rosenfeld Masters Student CWT-V
Nitin Singh Masters Student CWT-VII
Lloyd W. Swift Principal Investigator CWT-I CWT-II CWT-III, Interested Party CWT-V
Tom Wentworth Interested Party CWT-V
Northern Arizona University
Nicolette E. Cooley Masters Student CWT-V
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Patrick J. Mulholland Interested Party CWT-V
Purdue University
Donald J. Leopold Doctoral Student CWT-I, Co-Principal Investigator CWT-II
Jayson R. Waterman Masters Student CWT-III
Rabun Gap . Nacoochee High School
Terry Seehorn Other Professional CWT-V
SUNY Buffalo State
Sonya Bayba Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Kevin Krupp Other Professional CWT-VII
Michael Olejniczak Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Phil Pinzone Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Robert J. Warren II Doctoral Student CWT-V, Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
SW Community College
Deanne Oppermann Other Professional CWT-V
Southern Appalachian Raptor Research
Mark Hopey Other Professional CWT-VII
State University of New York College of Environmen
Alexi P. Sanchez de Boado Masters Student CWT-IV
U.S. Geological Survey
Mary Freeman Doctoral Student CWT-II, Co-Principal Investigator CWT-VI, Affiliated Investigator CWT-VII
Haven Wiley Interested Party CWT-V
UNC Chapel Hill
Jon Duncan Doctoral Student CWT-VI, Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VII
Laurence Lin Doctoral Student CWT-VI, Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VII
Brian Miles Research Professional CWT-VII
Andrea Stewart Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
UNC Charlotte
Craig Depken Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
USDA Forest Service
Cindi Brown Technician CWT-V, Chemist CWT-VI CWT-VII
Valerie Bruchon USFS Technician cwt-vi
Peter Caldwell Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Barry Clinton Masters Student CWT-II, Principal Investigator CWT-V, Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
Patsy Clinton Technician CWT-V, USFS Technician CWT-VI CWT-VII
Mark Crawford Technician CWT-V
Wilba Curtis Technician CWT-V
Andrew Danner Technician CWT-VII
Rachel Dunn Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Katherine Elliott Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Kathy Flowers Other Staff CWT-V, USFS Secretary Clerical CWT-VI CWT-VII
Duane Foster Technician CWT-V
Randy Fowler Other Staff CWT-V, USFS Other Staff CWT-VI CWT-VII
Sandra Hawthorne Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VII
Jennifer Knoepp Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Stephanie Laseter Technician CWT-V, Hydrologist CWT-VI CWT-VII
Chuck Marshall USFS Technician CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Bob McCollum Technician CWT-V, USFS Technician CWT-VI
Bruce McCoy Other Staff CWT-V
Daniel R. Miller Affiliated Investigator CWT-V
Chelcy Ford Miniat Post Doctoral Associate CWT-V, USFS Project Leader CWT-VI CWT-VII
Neal Muldoon USFS Technician CWT-VI
Chris Oishi Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VI, Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Mark Riedel Principal Investigator CWT-V
Chris Sobek USFS Technician CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Patricia Stickney Other Staff CWT-V, USFS Other Staff CWT-VI
Wayne Swank Principal Investigator CWT-I CWT-II CWT-III CWT-VI CWT-VII
Jim Vose Co-Principal Investigator CWT-III, Lead Principal Investigator CWT-V, Principal Investigator CWT-VI
David Wear Principal Investigator CWT-V
Chris Woodall Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
David Zietlow USFS Technician CWT-VII
USGS Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Mike Conroy Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
Univeristy of Minnesota
Salli Dymond Masters Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lillian Knoepp Undergraduate Student CWT-VI
University of Alabama
Keller Suberkropp Interested Party CWT-V
University of Arizona
Myra A. Price Masters Student CWT-IV
University of Bremen
Seth Gustafson Doctoral Student CWT-VI, Affiliated Investigator CWT-VII
University of Florida
Maria S. Romitelli Doctoral Student CWT-IV
David R. Tilley Doctoral Student CWT-IV
University of Georgia
Heather Abernathy Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Robert N. Addington Masters Student CWT-IV
Karen Allen Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Tamara L. Andrew Masters Student CWT-I
Chris Andrus Undergrad. IM Assistant CWT-VI
David K. Apsley Masters Student CWT-II
Barry W. Argo Masters Student CWT-IV
Peter Baas Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Robert Bahn Research Professional CWT-VI CWT-VII
Terrell T. Baker Masters Student CWT-III
Becky A. Ball Doctoral Student CWT-V
Paige Barlow Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Jeffery C. Barrett Doctoral Student CWT-II
Renee' Baughens Other Staff CWT-V
Camille Beasley Masters Student CWT-VI
Rob Benson Technician CWT-VI
Sergio Bernardes Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VI CWT-VII
John M. Blair Doctoral Student CWT-II
Chamtal M. Blanton Doctoral Student CWT-II
Gregory M. Bonito Masters Student CWT-IV
Lindsay R. Boring Co-Principal Investigator CWT-II CWT-III
Katie Bower Technician CWT-VI CWT-VII
Lauren Brockman Technician CWT-VII
Jeffery D. Brown Masters Student CWT-I
Penny R. Caldwell Masters Student CWT-II
Leslie C. Callaham Masters Student CWT-II
Sean Cameron Masters Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
Kaitlyn Campbell Other Professional CWT-VII
Lawerence D. Carlile Masters Student CWT-III
Dana Carpenter Masters Student CWT-VII
Richard Cary Assistant Information Manager CWT-VI
William H. Caskey Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Kristen Cecala Doctoral Student CWT-VI
John Chamblee Affiliated Investigator CWT-IV, Post Doctoral Associate CWT-V, Information Manager CWT-VI
Richard Chandler Affiliated Investigator CWT-VII
Chin S. Chang Masters Student CWT-III
Erica Chiao Doctoral Student CWT-V
Ryan Chitwood Undergraduate Student CWT-VI, Masters Student CWT-VII
Keun Chung Doctoral Student CWT-III
Sherri H. Clark Masters Student CWT-II
Alan Coats Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Kyle Coleman Technician CWT-VII
Barrie Collins Information Manager CWT-V
Bob Cooper Principal Investigator CWT-VII
James T. Costa Masters Student CWT-II
Michael Coughlan Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VI
Alan Covich Interested Party CWT-V
Gail M. Cowie Masters Student CWT-II
Max A. T. Crocker Masters Student CWT-II
Wyatt F. Cross Doctoral Student CWT-V
Dac A. Crossley Lead Principal Investigator CWT-I, Co-Principal Investigator CWT-II CWT-III
John Davis Doctoral Student CWT-V
Jonathan P. Davis Masters Student CWT-IV
Joe Davis Technician CWT-VI
Jim Deal Technician CWT-V
Carolyn Dehring Principal Investigator CWT-VI
Julien DeRocher Undergrad. IM Assistant CWT-V
Jeffrey M. Diez Doctoral Student CWT-V
Marion M. Dobbs Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Jennifer Donaldson Co-Principal Investigator CWT-III
Maura Dudley Doctoral Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
Sarah Dutcher Other Staff CWT-VI
Susan Eggert Doctoral Student CWT-V
Damon T. Ely Masters Student CWT-V
Laura E. England Masters Student CWT-V
David Epstein Masters Student CWT-VI
Scott Eustis Technician CWT-V
Sakura Evans Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Charles Fievet Undergrad. IM Assistant CWT-V
Elizabeth Fisher Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Margi G. Flood Masters Student CWT-II
Karen E. Francl Doctoral Student CWT-V
Joelle Freeman Masters Student CWT-VI
Jerome E. Freilich Doctoral Student CWT-II
John Frisch Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Christopher J. Frost Doctoral Student CWT-V
Ned Gardiner Doctoral Student CWT-III, Assistant Information Manager CWT-IV CWT-V
Julia W. Gaskin Masters Student CWT-II
Theodore J. Georgian Doctoral Student CWT-I
Dorothy M. Gibb Doctoral Student CWT-II
Itamar Giladi Doctoral Student CWT-V
Clayton S. Gist Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Karen S. Golden Doctoral Student CWT-III
Ted Gragson Lead Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI, Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Jennifer L. Greenwood Doctoral Student CWT-V
Sheila Gregory Other Staff CWT-VI, Technician CWT-VII
Anne C. H. Grimm Masters Student CWT-II
Jack W. Grubaugh Doctoral Student CWT-III
Martin E. Gurtz Doctoral Student CWT-I
John D. Haefner Masters Student CWT-I
Bruce R. Haines Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I CWT-II CWT-III
Dorothy D. Hale Masters Student CWT-I
E E. Hall Masters Student CWT-V
Robert O. Hall Doctoral Student CWT-III
Randi A. Hansen Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Richard A. Hardt Doctoral Student CWT-III
William W. Hargrove Doctoral Student CWT-II
Carol Harper Technician CWT-VI CWT-VII
Natalie Harris Technician CWT-VII
Doug Hart REU Student CWT-VII
Ronald Hendrick Principal Investigator CWT-V
Paul Hendrix Interested Party CWT-V
Jeff Hepinstall-Cymerman Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Brian Herndon Technician CWT-VI, Information Manager CWT-VII
Nik Heynen Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Jennifer Hill Doctoral Student CWT-II
Steven Holloway Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Coeli M. Hoover Doctoral Student CWT-III
Jillian Howard Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Ginger P. Howell Masters Student CWT-II
Christine Hubinger Technician CWT-VI CWT-VII
Cody Hufstetler Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
James Hunt Technician CWT-VII
Mark D. Hunter Principal Investigator CWT-V
Alexander D. Huryn Doctoral Student CWT-II
Michael Huston Co-Principal Investigator CWT-III
Donald W. Imm Doctoral Student CWT-II
Reid M. Ipser Doctoral Student CWT-V
Rhett Jackson Principal Investigator CWT-VI, Lead Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Aniruddha Jagalpure Masters Student CWT-VI
Carrie Killeen Jensen Masters Student CWT-VI
Brent R. Johnson Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Ed Johnson Assistant Information Manager CWT-VII
William M. Jurgelski Doctoral Student CWT-V
Anjelika Kidd REU Student CWT-VII
Aspen Kimmerlin Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Vanessa Kinney Terrell Research Professional CWT-VI CWT-VII
Shannon Kirk Other Staff CWT-VII
Joeseph Kirsch Masters Student CWT-VI
Donna M. Klockeman Masters Student CWT-II
Brian D. Kloeppel Site Manager CWT-V
John S. Kominoski Doctoral Student CWT-V
Eileen Kraemer Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
Kristin Kraseski Doctoral Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
Karen L. Lamoncha Masters Student CWT-III
Katie Lampl Other Staff CWT-VII
Jonathan E. Lanford Masters Student CWT-III
Andy Laviner Technician CWT-VI
F G. Lehman Masters Student CWT-II
David Leigh Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Sarah Long Masters Student CWT-VI
Jason Love Site Manager CWT-VI CWT-VII
K.C. Love Other Staff CWT-VI
Michelle A. Luebke Masters Student CWT-V
Garrit J. Lugthart Doctoral Student CWT-III
Megan Machmuller Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Stephanie L. Madson Doctoral Student CWT-V
John Maerz Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Rachel Mahan Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Christopher A. Maier Masters Student CWT-II
Amy E. Major Masters Student CWT-III
Jennifer Malloway Doctoral Student CWT-V
Dan Markewitz Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
Kim G. Mattson Doctoral Student CWT-II
Bonnie C. McCaig Masters Student CWT-III
Jacob McDonald Doctoral Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
Kira McEntire Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Brian McGann Undergraduate Student CWT-VI
Kaitlin McLean Masters Student CWT-VI
Nathan Melear Other Staff CWT-VII
Judy Meyer Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I CWT-II, Lead Principal Investigator CWT-III
Joe Milanovich Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Micah Miles Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Jeffrey Minucci Masters Student CWT-VII
Jackie Mohan Principal Investigator CWT-VI
Florencia G. Montagnini Doctoral Student CWT-I
Nancy L. Munn Doctoral Student CWT-II
Don Nelson Principal Investigator CWT-VI
Amanda C. Newman Masters Student CWT-V
David Newman Principal Investigator CWT-V
Joseph Nicholson Masters Student CWT-VI
Tom Nix Technician CWT-VI
Elizabeth Nixon Technician CWT-VI
April Nuckolls Masters Student CWT-V
Erin C. O'Doherty Doctoral Student CWT-I
Joseph R. O'Hop Masters Student CWT-I
Mark W. Parr Masters Student CWT-III
Michael J. Paul Masters Student CWT-III
Mitchell A. Pavao-Zuckerman Doctoral Student CWT-V
Gretchen Peltier Doctoral Student CWT-V
Daniel G. Perlmutter Doctoral Student CWT-II
Jim Peterson Principal Investigator CWT-VI
Jeffrey T. Petty Doctoral Student CWT-III
Carly Phillips Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Mamie Poindexter Technician CWT-VI
John Posey Undergrad. IM Assistant CWT-V
Natalie L. Powell Masters Student CWT-IV
Tom Prebyl Masters Student CWT-VI
Katie Price Masters Student CWT-V, Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Cathy Pringle Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Ross Pringle Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Ron Pulliam Principal Investigator CWT-V
Robert G. Qualls Doctoral Student CWT-II
Gary Rachel Doctoral Student CWT-V
Robert Ratajczak Other Staff CWT-V
Samuel D. Rauch Masters Student CWT-III
Barbara F. Reynolds Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Jennifer Rice Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Amy Rosemond Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Emma J. Rosi-Marshall Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Douglas H. Ross Doctoral Student CWT-I
Jason Sampson Undergraduate Student CWT-VI
S. Lynsey Scarbrough Masters Student CWT-VI
Katharine A. Schofield Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Gretchen A. Schurr Masters Student CWT-II
Joel Scott Technician CWT-VI, USFS Technician CWT-VII
Mark Scott Doctoral Student CWT-IV, Principal Investigator CWT-V
Star Scott Technician CWT-V
Craig See Technician CWT-VII
Katharine Servidio Masters Student CWT-VI
Marshall Shepherd Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Cara Sipprelle Research Professional CWT-VI
Robert N. Smith Masters Student CWT-III
Solon E. Smith Masters Student CWT-II
Francie L. Smith-Cuffney Doctoral Student CWT-II
Kelsey Solomon Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Robert Sorrells Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Kirk Stodola Doctoral Student CWT-V
David Stoker Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Deanna J. Stouder Doctoral Student CWT-II
Michael Strickland Doctoral Student CWT-V, Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VI
Timothy C. Strickland Doctoral Student CWT-I
Chris Strother Masters Student CWT-VI
Jeremy Sullivan Doctoral Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
Michael A. Sutcliffe Masters Student CWT-II
Bradly Suther Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Andrew B. Sutherland Masters Student CWT-IV
Shelby Sutton REU Student CWT-VII
Cindy Tant Doctoral Student CWT-V
Negussie H. Tedela Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Alexander Terry REU Student CWT-VII
Robert L. Todd Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Petra C. J. Van Vliet Doctoral Student CWT-III
Duane Vanhook Technician CWT-V
Peter B. Vila Doctoral Student CWT-III
David S. Vogel Masters Student CWT-I
Allison Vogt Masters Student CWT-V
Stenka Vulova Technician CWT-VI CWT-VII
Michael M. Wagner Doctoral Student CWT-V
Jack B. Waide Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I CWT-II
Bruce Wallace Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I CWT-II CWT-III, Principal Investigator CWT-V
Lixin Wang Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Jessica Watkins Undergrad. IM Assistant CWT-VI
Brandon Welch Other Staff CWT-VI, Technician CWT-VII
Meredith Welch-Devine Doctoral Student CWT-V, Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Seth Wenger Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Matt R. Whiles Doctoral Student CWT-III
David L. White Masters Student CWT-II
Elijah White Undergraduate Student CWT-VI
Mark Wiest Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Debra L. Wohl Masters Student CWT-III
Benjamin Woodard Undergraduate Student CWT-VI
Christina J. Wright Doctoral Student CWT-IV
Nina Wurzburger Co-Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Jon A. Yeakley Doctoral Student CWT-III
Donald M. Yehling Masters Student CWT-I
Seth Younger Masters Student CWT-VI
Caralyn Zehnder Doctoral Student CWT-V
University of Illinois
Matthew Candeias Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Matt Craig Masters Student CWT-VI
Kelsey Ream Doctoral Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Jennifer Fraterrigo Doctoral Student CWT-V, Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Karen Orr Technician CWT-VII
Jessica Schaner Technician CWT-VII
University of Maine
Sarah M. Butler Masters Student CWT-V
University of Michigan
Debra S. Bryan Masters Student CWT-III
J Fallas Masters Student CWT-I
Jeremy H. Grantham Masters Student CWT-II
Jason R. Price Doctoral Student CWT-V
Carmen Valverde Doctoral Student CWT-I
University of Minnesota
Paul Bolstad Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Ben Gosak Masters Student CWT-VI
Ryan Kirk Doctoral Student CWT-IV CWT-V
Katie Kove Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Ling Teng Doctoral Student CWT-V
Danielle Thornton Technician CWT-VII
University of Missouri-Columbia
John A. Crawford Doctoral Student CWT-V
William Peterman Masters Student CWT-V
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Steven Thomas Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
University of North Carolina
Seth J. Lambiase Masters Student CWT-IV
Robert Wyatt Interested Party CWT-V
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Daehyok Shin Doctoral Student CWT-V
University of Portland
Abigail Maddigan Technician CWT-VII
University of Rhode Island
Kerndja Bien-Aime REU Student CWT-VII
University of Tennesse Knoxville
David A. Buehler Affiliated Investigator CWT-V
University of Tennessee
Seong.Hoon Cho Interested Party CWT-V
Aimée Classen Affiliated Investigator CWT-V
Jennifer L. Fettinger Masters Student CWT-IV
Benjamin C. Jones Doctoral Student CWT-V
Lance S. Risley Doctoral Student CWT-I
Carrie L. Schumacher Masters Student CWT-IV
University of Virginia
Larry Band Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Edward J. Kent Doctoral Student CWT-I
Charles Scaife Doctoral Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
University of Wisconsin
Michelle Jackson Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Rose Graves Doctoral Student CWT-VI CWT-VII
Tim Kuhman Doctoral Student CWT-V
Heather Lumpkin Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Monica G. Turner Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thomas P. Albright Doctoral Student CWT-V
Universtiy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Corinne Block Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Cory W. Berish Co-Principal Investigator CWT-II
David C. Coleman Co-Principal Investigator CWT-III, Principal Investigator CWT-V
Bryant B. Cunningham Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
John F. Dowd Co-Principal Investigator CWT-II CWT-III
John W. Fitzgerald Co-Principal Investigator CWT-II CWT-III
Mike Gonzalez Technician CWT-IV
Willard H. Grant Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Gary D. Grossman Co-Principal Investigator CWT-III, Principal Investigator CWT-V
Sarah Hecocks Technician CWT-VII
Michelle M. Jackson Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Sara Johnson Technician CWT-VII
George G. Kuhlman Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
John Lovette Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Robert A. Maxwell Masters Student CWT-III
William H. Murdy Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Dan G. Neary Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
George R. Parker Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Donald L. Phillips Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Dan D. Pittillo Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Kurt Saari Information Manager CWT-I CWT-II CWT-III
James N. Skeen Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I
Jonathan Vance Undergrad. IM Assistant CWT-VI
Rosie Young Student Intern CWT-VII
Greg Zaussen Technician CWT-V
Virginia Tech
Janey C. Adams Masters Student CWT-IV
Jeb Barrett Principal Investigator CWT-VI CWT-VII
Colin M. Beier Masters Student CWT-IV
Fred Benfield Co-Principal Investigator CWT-III, Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI CWT-VII
Barbara L. Bennett Masters Student CWT-IV
Daniel Bransford Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Jack N. J. Brookshire Doctoral Student CWT-V
Chris L. Burcher Doctoral Student CWT-V
Sara Cathey Masters Student CWT-VII
Beth Cheever Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Fred C. Collins Doctoral Student CWT-III
Reid Cook Doctoral Student CWT-V
Jacob Craig Undergraduate Student CWT-VI
Donna J. D'angelo Doctoral Student CWT-II
Robert J. DiStefano Masters Student CWT-II
Steve Earl Doctoral Student CWT-V
Kevin Eliason Masters Student CWT-VII
David Garst Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Stephen W. Golladay Doctoral Student CWT-II
Elizabeth M. Hagen Masters Student CWT-V
Adam Hart Masters Student CWT-VI
Jason G. Henning Doctoral Student CWT-V
Gabriela Horn Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
April H. Hughes Masters Student CWT-V
John J. Hutchens Doctoral Student CWT-III
Nicholas G. Jeremiah Masters Student CWT-V
Savannah Justus Masters Student CWT-VII
Erika Kratzer Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Katherine Lee Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Raymond Lee Doctoral Student CWT-VII
Ryan A. McManamay Masters Student CWT-V
Matthew E. McTammany Doctoral Student CWT-V
Kate Morkenski Masters Student CWT-V
Kristen Muller Masters Student CWT-VI
Matthew A. Neatrour Masters Student CWT-IV
Bobbie Niederlehner Other Professional CWT-VI
Erik Tallak Nilsen Interested Party CWT-V
Jeff Norman Masters Student CWT-VI
Robert Northington Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Ernest Osburn Masters Student CWT-VII
Robert A. Payn Masters Student CWT-V
G T. Peters Doctoral Student CWT-II
Patrick Pressley Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Phil Radtke Interested Party CWT-V
Judith L. Robertson Masters Student CWT-II
Mary A. Schaeffer Masters Student CWT-III
Kaitlyn Smith Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Eric Sokol Doctoral Student CWT-V, Post Doctoral Associate CWT-VI
Ryan A. Sponseller Masters Student CWT-IV
Olyssa S. Starry Masters Student CWT-V
Rebecca Stewart Masters Student CWT-VI
Benjamin M. Stout Doctoral Student CWT-II
Brian D. Strahm Principal Investigator CWT-VII
Jennifer L. Tank Doctoral Student CWT-III
Patricia A. Turner Masters Student CWT-III
Maury Vallett Interested Party CWT-V, Principal Investigator CWT-VI
Louis Vergundia Undergraduate Student CWT-VII
Paul F. Wagner Doctoral Student CWT-IV
John F. Walker Masters Student CWT-IV
Brian R. Ward Masters Student CWT-III
Jack Webster Co-Principal Investigator CWT-I CWT-II CWT-III, Principal Investigator CWT-V CWT-VI, Affiliated Investigator CWT-VII
Christy A. Wojculewski Masters Student CWT-V
Nicolas P. Zegre Masters Student CWT-V
Western Carolina University
Martha P. Lee Masters Student CWT-I
Ben Steere Affiliated Investigator CWT-VI
Yale University
Mark Bradford Principal Investigator CWT-VI, Affiliated Investigator CWT-VII
Thomas Crowther Other Professional CWT-VI
Ashley Keiser Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Tim Kramer Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Daniel Maynard Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Avishesh Neupane Masters Student CWT-VI
Emily Oldfield Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Bhavya Sridhar Masters Student CWT-VI
Yaya Tang Doctoral Student CWT-VI
Tara Ursell Masters Student CWT-VI
Michael A. Velbel Doctoral Student CWT-I, Co-Principal Investigator CWT-II